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About Legatus

Our threefold purpose is to:

Study: Ongoing education is at the heart of Legatus. We are matching members, who have a thirst for knowledge, with the most profound and convincing body of religious knowledge in the history of human thought.

Live: Translating the teachings of Christ and the social teaching of the Church into practical applications helps our members become eminently pragmatic about their faith.

Spread: Legatus is the Latin word for "ambassador". Our members don't typically wear their faith on their shirtsleeves. They spread the faith through good example, good deeds and high ethical standards.

Members enjoy the benefits of:
  • Networking
  • Peer Support
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Full Spousal Membership

    Established in 1987, Legatus is a non-profit association with over 60 chapters (and growing) across the United States, and internationally on three continents. The Legatus International Headquarters are located in Naples, Florida.

    The approval of the local ordinary is always sought at the outset of a new chapter initiative. Legatus is overseen by an International Board of Directors, which convenes three times a year. Reverend Robert Spitzer serves as the National Chaplain and Anthony
    Cardinal Bevilacqua is the International Ecclesiastical Advisor.

    Each local chapter is governed by a Chapter Board of Directors. Local chapter officers include the President, Vice-President, Program Chair, Membership Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.